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Sunday, May 8, 2011

dionne bromfield

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  • bjdku
    Sep 13, 09:08 PM
    This is stated so matter of fact. There is no ? in the title. How certain is arn? He always uses ?

    I am quoting myself! arn went ahead and added to question mark to the title.

    QCassidy352, you can deposit your savings in my escrow account and we will see if this thing happens.

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  • Ricard
    Aug 23, 06:45 PM
    Creative is only worth $500 million, how come Apple didn't just buy them?
    Because... then you will have to beef-up the reclycling program to get rid of Creative's garbage products... the clean up process will cost more than the big bucks that Apple is paying now.

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  • drsmithy
    May 4, 11:38 AM
    And where on the MBP logic board would you like to place the second video card?
    You don't need two video cards to drive two outputs.

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  • codymac
    Apr 11, 09:18 PM
    The more paranoid might suggest that oil companies are collaborating with auto makers and the government to keep efficiency as low as they can get away with. Remember, the record for fuel economy was set in the mid 70s in a slightly modified Opel: something like 237 miles on a gallon (US) of gasoline. Highly idealized conditions no doubt, but my goodness, the average automobile today should be at least a third of the way there.

    Well, if we're talking about ideal conditions...

    The Shell Opel got close to 400mpg back in the 70s. Now Shell sponsors the Eco Challenge and the top internal combustion car for 2010 was over 6000mpg while the top fuel cell car was over 10,000mpg.

    No... those aren't typos.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 23, 10:47 PM
    yeah, but it isn't a bad deal. hell creative could have pulled a lawsuit, much like the lawsuit which almost shut down blackberry.

    so... this is good. a win win. scenario. apple gets another big time vendor to sell products that accessorize apple's IPOD.

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  • 840quadra
    Oct 12, 01:13 PM

    I wonder if I have room in my iPod collection for such a device :D .

    If this is true, I would be happy to see this come to life, not because of the color, but because of the charity aspect.

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  • drdan
    Aug 31, 11:56 AM
    the "mac+ipod" back to school special runs through september 15. his steveness has pretty reliably held new releases until the day after those kinds of specials end. i believe a significant speed bump on the macbook pros and mac minis is imminent, along with some significant revisions to the ipod.

    i'm keeping an eye on my stock.

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 10, 08:49 AM
    Software will also have to keep up and unless your software becomes massively multithreaded and what you're doing can actually be multi threaded there's no real advantage to multi-core CPUs
    I am quite sure that the software writers will take full advantage of the current hardware.
    Isnt it normally so, that apps push the evolution of the hardware?

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  • 3goldens
    Apr 4, 12:05 PM
    shot in the head! seems a little severe for a mall cop!

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  • KnightWRX
    Mar 30, 01:34 PM
    An .exe is an executable, not an application. Some people may have called them applications, but not MS. Never. Until now.

    See the screenshot posted all over this thread. Application has been used to described the filetype associated with .EXE in Windows Explorer for quite a while.

    The fact is, Application has been in use in the Windows world forever. Win16 and Win32 are APIs and API means Application Programming Interface.

    This is all besides the point, Apple is not trying to trademark Application or App. They are trying to trademark Grocery Store to sell their Groceries.

    as I type this reply, using Safari, I open and close different "windows" on my iMac.

    It's a good thing then that Microsoft's trademark on "Windows" does not apply to the graphical squares you see on screen but to Operating Systems then.

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  • crap freakboy
    Sep 5, 05:12 PM
    Mmmmm....how much?
    I get unlimited DVD rentals via post, 3 at a time- latest released.
    Add MTR and toast...match that Apple then I'll be interested

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  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 19, 01:25 PM
    I hope you're getting paid well to post this crap. Still, don't you feel dirty having to post references to obsolete "malware" like Leap-A and Inqtana-A that were never successful even before the OS was patched years ago?? And while no OS is completely secure, hence the need for software updates, those updates mean that AV software can at best be helpful for a few weeks, and that is very optimistic.

    You need to face the fact that AV software adds no security benefit to the Mac OS. On the contrary, it can be used against the system because it needs to be trusted by the system. There simply is no point in spending time or money using a "security" product that makes your system less safe.

    As for USB3 vs Lightpeak, your pitiful response makes me think you were one of the pinheads criticizing Apple for dropping floppy drives at the turn of the century. Sure, there are few Lightpeak drives at the moment, but so what? Lightpeak will be cheaper and much faster. When merely depends on how quickly it's adopted. If it were up to your logic we'd still be using parallel ports and scsi drives.

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  • Rowbear
    Jan 1, 09:21 AM
    It makes sense. iProducts are increasingly becoming ubiquitous, therefore they will become more profitable for malware developers to attack. It's not a McAfee sales pitch so much as it's stating the obvious. Same with Android.

    Sad, but true :(

    (And I don't feel the need to argue or debate or say more in this thread to justify this obvious fact.)

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 4, 07:56 PM
    I'm confused. Movie downloads for $10?!? What happened to the whole "Jobs is hammered by the movie industry into movie rentals only" ?!? This CANNOT possibly mean renting a movie for $10!! :eek:

    My bet is that it's low-res/iPod quality video for purchase. Apple/Steve Jobs have yet to get into the home theater business. So far it's been the mobile entertainment business only. Movie rentals (or purchase for that matter) at home theater quality is a whole other enchilada.

    Watching 320x240 movie on my 42" plasma would sort of suck and not be competitive as others have metioned. Would I buy a $10 movie to watch on my iPod? mmm....probably a few to keep me entertained on the treadmill and my son entertained on roadtrips.

    Rumors are rampant, but they do bring up a good point, as you do here. Who would want to watch a movie on an iPod? (Well, actually, I have and I do, but that's beside the point.)

    The Appleinsider rumor at least makes sense from an itunes/tv/movie purchase standpoint. Renting would be sort of a PITA. Who would want to download a good quality movie, often taking hours or days, unless you have a lot of people torrenting at the same time, just to have it accessible for a week or so? Not me.

    This will be a movie purchase service. You buy the movie, DL it from itunes, then do what you want to with it. Watch it on you computer, rip it to DVD and watch it on your TV, run it through an air tunes like device so you don't have to rip it if you don't want.

    It sounds pretty interesting to me. We'll see when it happens. Regardless, the quality is going to have be pretty good for people to want to watch them on their TV's. Offering 700mb .avi rips just won't cut it.

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  • WiiDSmoker
    Apr 22, 07:18 AM
    Clean your glasses.

    Nice response. :rolleyes:

    dionne bromfield. DIONNE BROMFIELD

  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 16, 11:31 AM
    OS X Server ships with clamav for filtering viruses through the email server. Lion merges client and server. Therefore, there will be an antivirus program shipping with 10.7.
    That does not in any way imply that it is necessary for the OS. Since the server can have Windows clients many businesses will like this "feature" so I can't blame Apple for including it.

    Personally, I figure that if I pass an infected file on to a PC user it's their responsibility to detect and remove the virus, not mine. I didn't force them to buy a Windows box.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 28, 05:22 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    $100B past Microsoft in 1 year is tremendous. Go AAPL!


    Sad day for dem boys in Redmond

    I'm sure they're quite sad having that kind of performance. :rolleyes:


    Do you feel better about yourself now?

    they both made billions... who cares.


    Congratulations to apple, eventually this day had to come. Microsoft has been slacking off in the past few years and this will make them see the larger picture.

    Sent from my iPhone

    What larger picture will they see? 90% of the market isn't enough?

    Microsoft is DEAD. And so is Google.


    It will be Chapter 11 any day now.

    In the quarter where Apple will still be selling alot of iPads? And release a new iMac? I highly doubt that would be enough. Let's not forget about Back to School either.

    Also, does anyone think Apple will soon be forced to bail Microsoft out? ;)

    Like Microsoft did for them back in the 90's?

    Microsoft lets too many things die on the vine. Everything has to be run up the flagpole to get the green light, and that whole process takes so long that nothing truly innovative ever happens.

    Windows 7 is awesome, Office 2010 is awesome, and I sure do love my Xbox 360, but right now, mobile gadgets sell. Zune was a bust, Courier looked amazing but was cancelled for some reason (I REALLY wanted a Courier), and Windows Phone 7.....jury's out. I would buy a Windows 7 phone before I'd buy an Android phone, but who knows what kind of lasting support it's going to have. Maybe when Nokia is making these in full force I'll take another look.

    I've been saying it for the last year, and I'll say it again--Microsoft is in a death spiral. The days of people camping out in line for the next version of Windows are over.

    Record profits and that's a death spiral? So it's all about the iTards camping out for the iPad and iPhone? Now THAT"S intelligence.

    "The problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste." - Steve Jobs

    Funny how the classless Jobs bashes his competition at every opportunity.

    Oh I see, you're a smart ass. Oh how cute!!!

    Tell ya what little boy, Besides a business degree I also hold CCE and CFCC from the AACE as well as a PMP from the PMI. On top of all that, I have worked in the industry for over 35 years. I forgot more about business that your sarcastic smart ass will ever know.

    And trust me, my degree and certs have little to do with it. A grade school kid knows that a company that just posted a quarter with revenues of $16.43 billion (which is an increase of 13% from the same period in 2010), and profit of $5.23 billion isn't "DEAD"...

    Obviously you don't understand that, in which case, you wouldn't even be a good clerk. Judging from you childish post, I do think I've met before. Haven't I heard you say "Would you like fries with that Sir"????


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  • dscuber9000
    Mar 30, 11:25 AM
    His name is Butters? :D

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 02:15 PM
    Whoa!! I feel a lot better that MBP is not getting CPU upgrade anytime soon. I don't want my month-old MBP getting obsolete in another month.I will be obsolete. Merom is next month.

    Mar 30, 01:28 PM
    App market?

    Program Store?

    Program Market?

    App Hub?

    App Universe?

    App Base?

    Tool Shed?



    I'm kinda partial to Microsoft Galaxy (trademark pending) and Pool o' Cool.

    Apr 4, 11:59 AM
    Seems unfair to kill someone for robbery. Yes they're breaking the law, but only deserve a prison sentence. Do you really really think someone should be shot and killed for attempting to steal a few laptops and smash a few windows? If you do then man you have issues.
    Read the details of the story. http://www.10news.com/news/27421748/detail.html

    They were armed and exchanged fire. Changed your mind?

    Apr 25, 01:51 AM
    And your ethics take an even worse.
    The system is clearly broken and you are living proof of it.
    Heck if something like that you did that me i would use this thread as poof your actions and laugh my ass off when end up in jail.

    Good luck tracking my actual identity down. And also good luck getting anything you dug up admitted in court, because there is absolutely nothing legal about introducing any evidence of my identity you found by tying this account back to my IP/ISP without a warrant.


    Apr 25, 12:53 PM
    The unibody was already a giant leap forward. How much better can Apple get?

    I'm more interested in the specifications, and hardware (electronics) not so much the casing.

    Well they arent going to get worse are they!!

    Mr. Retrofire
    May 3, 11:00 AM
    macpro dead in 2 years...my prediction:mad:

    "woodbine"-account dead in 2 minutes...my prediction ;)